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Wild Homogeneous Flooring Color Healthy Life At Your Fingertips

Oct 20, 2017

Wild Homogeneous Flooring Color Healthy Life at your fingertips
Homogeneous Flooring has its own advantage in color, in color is relatively simple, but not simple, through the changes in light and shadow to homogeneous Flooring texture displayed. The floor is the stage of the whole home design, the floor in the home life accounted for the largest area, so the color of the floor has become the entire home design background and foundation. In addition, the floor design to pay attention to the tone, the tone is the color of the mix, but also consider the color purity and brightness. In addition, in the floor design, but also value the material of the floor. The material of the floor and the material of the furniture, and the material of the wall to be a good combination, so as to give a sense of change, there is a sense of hierarchy. For the increase in the overall beauty of the role of home is essential. So, choose Homogeneous Flooring in the end which should pay attention to the place?
First, pay attention to the overall harmony, local comparison of the overall style of home decoration and the concept is to determine the primary factor in the color of the floor. Deep color of the floor of the appeal and expressive force is very strong, distinctive personality characteristics, light color floor style simple, fresh and elegant. In recent years, some seemingly flawed wooden flooring, such as tree section, insect eyes, decay, crack texture of the floor demand is rising, is that people attach importance to nature, back to the concept of reflection.
Second, we should pay attention to Homogeneous Flooring and furniture with. The color of the ground to set off the color of the furniture and calm and soft as the main tone, because the floor decoration is a permanent decoration, under normal circumstances, will not often change, so to choose a more neutral color. From the hue, light-colored furniture can be any combination with the depth of the color of the floor, but dark furniture and dark Homogeneous Flooring with the extra care should be careful to avoid "black Mongolia" depressed scene.
Third, the room lighting conditions also limit the choice of the floor color range. Good lighting from the room since the need to say, can be arbitrarily selected; and the lower floor, lighting is not enough room should pay attention to choose a higher brightness, color suitable for the ground material, as far as possible to avoid the use of darker materials. Color will affect people's visual effects, warm colors for the expansion of color, cool color for the shrink color. Therefore, the small area of the room to choose the dark colors of the cool colors, people have the feeling of expanding the area. If you use the bright color of the warm homogeneous Flooring will make the space appear more narrow, increased the sense of oppression. For example, the living room is the most open space in the home, but also the daily activities and guests to receive the main places, it is appropriate to use high transparency, soft colors, to create a clear, harmonious atmosphere.
Four, light-colored series - living room and more fight series - study study tone to elegant. Study is used for reading, writing and learning a static work space, people ask the mind calm, attention, peace. Indoor color requirements to elegant, solemn, harmonious main colors, so the choice of gray, brown gray, brown green, light blue, light green and so on, the ground use dark, brown and other colors Homogeneous Flooring, while a small amount of calligraphy and painting Embellishment to increase the contrast of indoor colors.
Xiao Bian learned from the market, specialized Homogeneous Flooring renovation company rarely, to carry out this business for the cleaning company, the price is generally 30-45 yuan / square meter. In order to ensure the quality of the renovation of the floor, it is recommended that consumers please supervise the construction of professional supervision and reasonable arrangements for renovation date. Floor renovation is divided into polished, scraping putty, color, paint, wax polishing five steps. Polished, the grinding machine should be followed by the use of 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh sandpaper (the larger the number of sandpaper particles smaller, grinding the scratches left more obvious) polished three times, and then scratching the floor leveling, and then The floor is painted or tinted. As the solid wood surface texture is natural, can not change the color, can only adjust the depth of Homogeneous Flooring color.