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Why Is The Gymnasium Flooring Energy Saving And Environmental Protection?

Oct 11, 2017

Used to the wooden floor, many consumers, especially home improvement consumers, in the concept of a moment it is difficult to accept the Gymnasium Flooring, because consumers are making the first choice when the choice is: wooden floor from nature, by the tree material processing And the gymnasium floor of the raw material is plastic, so most consumers will take into account the first time the Gymnasium Flooring will give people health hazards. Of course, this is only the general level of user awareness that, and for this conclusion, I would like to say that the answer is not true.
Relative to the wooden floor, the Gymnasium Flooring is really called energy saving, environmental protection.
First, China is a country with poor timber resources. Due to excessive deforestation, the green barrier is damaged, the dust storms intensified, the depletion of resources and the destruction of the ecological environment make people have to consider another method and material to solve people's ground material Demand, so pvc gymnasium floor came into being. It is low carbon, green, environmentally friendly, recyclable to conquer the hearts of many consumers, experts assert that the Gymnasium Flooring will replace the solid wood flooring, flooring industry trend as a new trend, because of its renewable development and deployment of resources Use level, it is enough to support this view. Therefore, the gymnasium floor of the energy directly reflected in the use of gymnasium floor, is to restore the earth shade.
Second, the Gymnasium Flooring is environmentally friendly floor, why can this say? The answer is still to be found from the consumer, and now the various floors of the production of materials, technology, technology, resulting in the creation of a variety of types of flooring, and in many floors, a common indicator for people familiar and Worry, that is formaldehyde. One reason consumers choose wood flooring is that the wood floor is pure and does not contain harmful substances. Then, people eye-popping is that the wooden floor of the manufacturing process determines the wood floor can not be natural, on the contrary, often the wood floor inside the formaldehyde content will be quite high, difficult to control. There is a certain sense of the floor of the consumer in the purchase of wood flooring, the formaldehyde content will be as a very important indicator to measure and choose, and the Gymnasium Flooring, due to the continuous upgrading of processing technology and the continuous development of new materials, but in formaldehyde content The control is very easy to control. In contrast, the general gymnasium floor formaldehyde content relative to the wooden floor, is minimal, and our Balfour Gymnasium Flooring, in the control of formaldehyde content, can reach almost zero content, far more than international standards.
So, the Gymnasium Flooring is the real energy-saving green floor, the future of the future trend of ground material market!
 Gymnasium Flooring brand creation is a process of advancing with the times, the development of modern gymnasium floor brand must aim at the new generation of consumer groups, play a broader role in the broader role of which brand elements of the update is even more important. Brand planning process, the development of more communication, communication and influence of the brand elements is the only way, of course, is also an important means to prevent the aging of the floor brand.
In the Gymnasium Flooring brand planning process, more and more new brand elements continue to emerge, they are easier to communicate with consumers, therefore, the use of new brand elements is particularly important. Whether the creation of new brands or the upgrading of the old brand, companies should seriously study the market, from which to extract the brand for the new marketing era, applied to the brand to create the process to go.