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What Is PVC Flooring

Jul 18, 2017

With the popularity of pvc floor in a number of places of life, we in the daily life of the probability of PVC floor contact with more and more. But many people still some confusion - PVC floor have those bright spots? PVC flooring for where? Do not worry, you want to know here!
Now pvc flooring products on the market too much brand, price quality is uneven, leading to people in the selection of the floor when confused, I do not know how to choose. In fact, the price and brand is only one aspect of the pvc floor, more understanding can be selected to the real affordable pvc floor. Next, we summary and answered the user's most concerned about the issue, see if you are not the same question.
1.What is PVC flooring?
PVC flooring, also known as "light body material," a new light-weight surface decoration materials, PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers and other accessories in the continuous sheet-like substrate, By the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process from production.
2.Pvc floor is green?
Is a green product, pvc flooring is the raw material of PVC, non-toxic environmentally friendly renewable resources. The number of indicators have reached or even higher than the relevant international standards, the China Building Materials Circulation Association to promote the use of green building materials, indoor environment by the Professional Committee as a "green building materials, environmental protection, Top ten safety standards floor ", after IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green certification.
3.PVC floor Why is better than wood flooring?
Solid wood flooring, such as improper maintenance, will cause mildew, moth-eaten, the overall maintenance cost is higher, easy to crack, shrinkage, so that the floor joints become large; In contrast, PVC floor with more excellent performance, less vulnerable to climate and other factors, not because of heat, moisture and expansion, deformation, and corrosion, moth-resistant capacity is very strong, simple and convenient maintenance, easy to clean.
4.Pvc floor and tile, stone compared to what advantages?
First of all, tiles, stone is a very hard material, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably lead to walking when the feet feel stiff, the ground water is very easy to slip, causing injury. The pvc flooring because of their own advantages of the material, both with the solid stone and organic materials with softness, people walking feet feel very comfortable, but also has "water more astringent" characteristics, even if accidentally fell, but also Not easy to hurt the person, for the elderly, children, pregnant women and other groups is very safe.
5.What is UV treatment?
UV treatment is the use of epoxy resin surface treatment of a way, can play a anti-pollution and effective absorption of ultraviolet light, enhance wear resistance, delaying the aging product and easy to clean the role. Saishang product surface using UV process, not only waterproof antifouling, also has the antibacterial properties, stain resistance, while increasing the wear-resistant layer of the product life, extending the use of the floor cycle.
6.Pvc floor construction convenient?
Very convenient. Such as the formation of the ground can be directly with adhesive paste; such as the ground is not smooth, can be self-leveling or special cement treatment, and then paste. Pvc floor construction personnel pavement very fast, one day up to several hundred to one thousand square meters, the day of construction can be put into use. Especially for non-stop shopping malls, supermarkets, the transformation of kindergartens is also very convenient.
7.Pvc floor paving after how long can stay?
Seesun is still in the construction process, the use of PVC floor glue is water-soluble glue, the human body is safe, the national environmental testing department confirmed that this plastic does not contain toxic heavy metals and toxic volatiles, and pavement after No smell, harmless to human body. Seesun to ensure the completion of the construction, window ventilation 48 hours to stay, saving users valuable time to create a safe ground.
8.PVC floor suitable for what place?
Hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commercial, and other places. It is widely used in PVC flooring because of environmental protection, waterproof, moisture resistance, stain resistance and antibacterial.
9.Pvc floor maintenance routine trouble?
simple. Weekdays only with a wet mop cloth can be wiped. The whole structure of the floor is best to finish the construction of the last wax, as the case after the regular waxing, you can maintain a bright as new; composite structure without waxing the floor, only a day to clean.
Sum up
The above points are the most concerned about the user, the game is still showing you the most satisfactory answer, allowing you to choose without having to choose a variety of flooring and feel troubled.