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Teach You To Identify The Quality Of Homogeneous Flooring Unqualified

Sep 20, 2017

Teach you to identify the quality of Homogeneous Flooring unqualified
    For the identification of homogeneous Flooring quality is also a doorway, the current market on the Homogeneous Flooring good and bad really difficult to distinguish, if you can master the following steps I believe you can choose a good quality Homogeneous Flooring.
    1. The appearance of poor quality, the user in the purchase of Homogeneous Flooring to carefully observe the surface, if the defect exceeds the scope of the national standard, you can think that the plastic floor is inferior.
    2. Physical and chemical performance indicators failed, in order to ensure the use of Homogeneous Flooring life and appearance of decorative effects, qualified products must have a certain physical and chemical properties, such as the length of the change after heating, pressure changes after the pressure and wear resistance The These performance indicators in the product before the factory have to sample inspection, only all meet the standard requirements is qualified products. Some of these performance indicators of counterfeit products do not meet the requirements, or all do not meet the requirements.
    3. Specifications size deviation is too large, Homogeneous Flooring brick laying according to the design requirements of the pattern arrangement, so the size of each block must meet the requirements, if the deviation is too large, will make the joints missing, pattern deformation, thus affecting the decorative effect The If the purchase of plastic flooring found in the size of the deviation is too large, beyond the provisions of national standards, can be considered Homogeneous Flooring quality failure.
Homogeneous Flooring is a new type of lightweight ground decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as "light body material". Is a popular in Europe and the United States and Asia, Japan and South Korea's popular products, popular in foreign countries, from the early 80s began to enter the Chinese market, so far in the country's large and medium-sized cities have been generally recognized, widely used. Today Xiaobian to introduce you to the Homogeneous Flooring before the construction of the floor to do the detection.
1, the use of temperature hygrometer to detect temperature and humidity, indoor temperature and surface temperature to 15 ℃ is appropriate, should not be below 5 ℃ and 30 ℃ above construction. The relative air humidity suitable for construction should be between 20% and 75%.
2, the use of moisture content tester to detect the water content of grass-roots, grass-roots moisture content should be less than 3%.
3, the strength of the grass-roots level should not be less than the strength of concrete C-20 requirements, or should be used to strengthen the intensity of self-leveling.
4, with the hardness tester test results should be the base layer of the surface hardness of not less than 1.2 MPa.
5, for the construction of Homogeneous Flooring materials, grass-roots unevenness should be in the range of 2 meters straight ruler between the level of less than 2 mm, or should use the appropriate self-leveling leveling.
Homogeneous Flooring of the main material for the PVC resin, that is, we usually see the disposable tableware the same material, internationally recognized the most secure material on the human body. Moreover, it has no wood flooring due to paint evaporation of formaldehyde, and no stone floor radiation generated. Homogeneous Flooring of the surface also made a special treatment, with inhibition of bacterial reproduction function, so that the baby became the fairy tale of the most healthy prince and princess.
Homogeneous Flooring texture is soft, feet comfortable, baby's little feet on the top of the dough, the general fall of glassware are not broken. At the same time Homogeneous Flooring has a strong elasticity, and can be scattered on the impact of the foot, so as to minimize the ground to the human body damage. Moreover, the children's floor surface of the wear-resistant layer has a special anti-skid, the more the foot feeling more astringent, not easy to slip, fall and injury rate decreased by nearly 70%. So, in the fairy tale world, your baby is always the very safe prince and princess.
Full of playful patterns forever belong to the children, Homogeneous Flooring on those fantasy colors, familiar cartoon image, always can be brought into the infinite imagination of the baby. They may be from the blue fantasy that they are floating across the sea, from the green fantasy to live in the forest with the elf dancing together, by the yellow fantasy sitting on the magnificent palace above the throne ... ... maybe the baby is still with the pattern Mickey, Winnie the Pooh with the game! Homogeneous Flooring childlike series, designed for children's fairy tale dream, to create a child's exclusive fairy tale world.