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Talk About The Development Of The Gymnasium Flooring

Jul 07, 2017

Talk about the development of the Gymnasium Flooring

It is reported that the floor of the gymnasium provides a good material guarantee for the daily living environment and plays an outstanding role in the modern decoration industry. The Gymnasium Flooring has the advantage of exceeding the average floor in performance. Let's feel the charm of the gym floor in terms of character and style.

A brief introduction about the adhesives of the gym floor

First of all, the floor adhesives of the gymnasium, it mainly added the dispersible adhesive material to the formulation, which plays a significant role in the adhesion of the wall and the ground. From the market point of view, it can be used effectively in the field of various types of conductive or electrostatic dissipative gymnasium floors and blocks. It is recommended that the adhesive time be maintained for 10-20 minutes at the absorbing level. The non-absorbent ground level should remain about 30-60 minutes. Should be changed in setting up the time of the floor, Gymnasium Flooring the absorptive base is 60 minutes, the non-absorbent ground level is about 120 minutes.

Second, we will look at the use of linen-floor adhesives. It has the same factors as the floor binder of the stadium. It mainly contains powerful dispersible binder, which provides protection for the laying and use of many floors with strong adhesion. According to the market analysis, the flax flooring adhesive has a quick and strong initial viscosity and cohesion, especially for pasting flaxen flooring and gymnasium floor. The recommended drying time is 0-5 minutes.

The application of gymnasium floor adhesive has been approved by the majority of users, and it is believed that the stadium floor will achieve more remarkable achievements in the future development path.

The floor design of the gymnasium is a crucial link, and the design of the poor stadium floor will cause problems, while the reasonable floor design of the gymnasium can avoid problems. People tend to the gym floor gym floor design does not give enough attention, usually in the new project technical requirements and put them in the engineering budget item listed in the "interior", Gymnasium Flooring almost always have to wait until after the completion of the entire structure or concrete pouring to consider this problem, in the renovation project and maintenance engineering, floor plan and is often only after installation of equipment or facility commissioning to start thinking about.

In any project, an important goal for users is to shorten the engineering cycle. Whether it is a new project or a renovation project, Gymnasium Flooring the economic demands are to be put into production as soon as possible. This means that the construction period and feasible construction time should be clarified in the early stages of the project.

Only floor systems that meet the following requirements may be considered:

The coating can be constructed directly on the concrete floor of a new or curd stage.

2. The whole system can be completed quickly, and the interval time of each coating is short;

3. The face layer solidifies quickly and can withstand the traffic in a short time. Good floor technology can prevent coating damage caused by wet base surface. (usually when in cement base material surface besmear brushs active resin material, base material moisture content shall not be greater than 6%, Gymnasium Flooring otherwise will destroy the coating. The initial small bubble in the construction of a short time will appear and gradually expand, finally make the coating peeled off completely. This is called "osmosis foaming" destruction must avoid)