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Second - Hand Housing Heterogeneous Flooring Renovation Need To Pay Attention To 2 Points

Oct 20, 2017

Second - hand housing Heterogeneous Flooring renovation need to pay attention to 2 points
In Beijing, second - hand housing renovation became hot. For example, floor renovation, stone renovation and so on. As Heterogeneous Flooring cost cheap, many second - hand housing owners intend to home all the old floor renovation. For this common phenomenon on the market, Heterogeneous Flooring manufacturers to remind you:
First, the renovation period to be 4 days
Xiao Bian learned from the market, specialized Heterogeneous Flooring renovation company rarely, to carry out this business mostly cleaning company, the price is generally 30-45 yuan / square meter. In order to ensure the quality of the renovation of the floor, it is recommended that consumers please supervise the construction of professional supervision and reasonable arrangements for renovation date. Floor renovation is divided into polished, scraping putty, color, paint, wax polishing five steps. Polished, the grinding machine should be followed by the use of 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh sandpaper (the larger the number of sandpaper particles smaller, grinding the scratches left more obvious) polished three times, and then scratching the floor leveling, and then The floor is painted or tinted. As the solid wood surface texture is natural, can not change the color, can only adjust the Heterogeneous Flooring color depth.
Second, the surface thickness of up to 2 mm
Heterogeneous Flooring Refurbishment is through the PVC floor surface grinding, scraping putty, painting, waxing polishing, so that the old floor to restore as new. Compared with the re-purchase of the floor, the old floor to adapt to the indoor environment, better stability; renovation costs are much cheaper. According to the China Timber Flooring Association Heterogeneous Flooring Committee President, not all of the floor can be renovated. Solid wood flooring surface layer of aluminum oxide wear layer, refurbished floor will destroy its wear-resistant layer, causing the floor to intensify aging, so solid wood flooring can not be refurbished. Only Heterogeneous Flooring, solid wood flooring and bamboo flooring with a surface thickness of 2 mm can be refurbished. Because the floor surface after several times polished, will be polished 1 mm, if the floor surface is too thin, it will be grinding out the middle layer, affecting the life of the floor, it must ensure that the floor surface thickness of more than 4 mm. Consumers can understand the surface thickness of their own Heterogeneous Flooring from the seller.
Floor injection passivation process, so that the appearance of products without pores, so that dirt can not deepen the internal. Antibacterial properties provide permanent sterilization and antibacterial treatment, to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms inside and outside the floor. Anti-static Heterogeneous Flooring uses a multi-layer construction, the application of reasonable friction coefficient, and clever decentralized walking pressure and shock absorption performance, to ensure safe walking.
Anti-static Heterogeneous Flooring is part of the construction of a hospital environment. Elastic anti-static Heterogeneous Flooring color, grain, spots or pattern design to make the color with a clear level. For example, in the children's ward, the floor clever colors match, virtually eliminate the child's resistance to the hospital psychology, played a "visual treatment" role.
Construction quality often determines the use of the latter part of the maintenance costs up and down. Professional construction team before the construction will stop testing on the floor, after passing the inspection, the air to stop grinding dust disposal before construction. But not professionally trained construction often neglect these construction clever, so that the floor in the future easy to show curling, uneven and other issues, seriously affected the life of the floor. On the contrary, from the beginning of the project to provide thoughtful tracking service for the entire product life cycle to provide technical and service support, from the device, maintenance to unloading a series of standardized processes, so that medical Histogeneous Flooring has a lasting life The