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PVC Sports Flooring On The Quality Requirements

Jul 31, 2017

PVC Sports Flooring on the quality requirements
The stadium is mainly for sports athletes training venues, indoor gymnasium PVC Sports Flooring is the gymnasium essential ground material, that in the laying of this PVC Sports Flooring when the quality requirements, let us let us take a brief look.
First of all, in the laying of indoor gymnasium PVC floor when the surface can not have cracks, peeling and other phenomena, we must be flat, which we all know very well, if we do not pay attention to this when laying, it may cause athletes in training When the body of the injury, a small peeling phenomenon is likely to trip the athletes caused by fractures and other issues, so that athletes can not participate in the practice, so that the overall game caused unnecessary losses, so PVC Sports Flooring this quality requirements are very important.
Secondly, in the laying of indoor gymnasium PVC Sports Flooring to have a strong anti-pressure characteristics, in the sports training when many athletes running around on the site, so that the site will have some requirements, that is, must have a pressure , If not this feature, in the course of continuous training of athletes will cause damage to the PVC Sports Flooring, so that the PVC Sports Flooring can not continue to use, it will interrupt the training affect the normal level of athletes play, so this is PVC Sports Flooring quality of the top priority, we must pay attention to the point.
    From the above we can see the gymnasium PVC Sports Flooring quality requirements is very important, so we must pay attention to these two aspects, so as not to cause damage to the PVC Sports Flooring.
The quality of the sports floor of the stadium
Material The wood flooring used in the wood flooring requires a clear texture, moderate hardness of the material, and a common type of wood flooring for wood flooring with maple, pine and oak. Different consumers will be based on their own taste and hobbies to choose the favorite stadium wood flooring materials, including maple and oak these two materials with excellent performance won many people's favorite. After a long period of accumulation to prove that maple and oak is the stadium wood flooring the most perfect type of wood, in the international arena many sports venues are designated with these two woods as a wooden floor of the building materials.
Indoor PVC Sports Flooring in the indoor sports venues played a very important role, so we need to do routine maintenance work in order to make our whole use becomes more relaxed, long, so that indoor PVC Sports Flooring better for us Served. Basketball PVC Sports Flooring installation requirements Now for basketball venues, the laying of basketball PVC Sports Flooring is very necessary, which not only can guarantee the bounce of basketball, but also for the safety of sports is also very important, so now more More and more are beginning to focus on the laying of basketball flooring flooring, because only the laying of the basketball flooring to make our better use of sports flooring.
Many of the reasons leading to damage to the PVC floor of the floor is the use of the wrong way of conservation, for the PVC Sports Flooring moisture treatment, not as imagined so much trouble. Focus PVC Sports Flooring selection, is to solve the problem of moisture, Wood, is a moisture-proof good wood.If you buy the moisture-proof performance is poor, or the price is very cheap floor, it is prone to wood flooring and then lead to gradual damage.PVC Sports Flooring structure system: now the major manufacturers have more PVC Sports Flooring structure, the most common is the double keel structure PVC Sports Flooring and single-layer keel structure, from the cost of cost, double-layer structure of PVC Sports Flooring cost is higher than the single layer, so simply from the structure of the comparison , The price of double-layer structure is higher than the single-layer structure.