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PVC Sports Flooring Maintenance And Maintenance How To See The Quality Of Good Or Bad?

Aug 09, 2017

PVC Sports Flooring maintenance and maintenance how to see the quality of good or bad?
Life in the development of many industries and dance floor are inseparable, and sometimes some inconspicuous factors may lead to a big gap, such as the previously mentioned pvc plastic floor prices, today we come to understand the " PVC Sports Flooring maintenance and maintenance how to see the quality of good or bad?
Today badminton floats Xiaobian and fight to talk about PVC Sports Flooring Alice reasons. Any floor in the course of the use of such a problem may occur, and when the floor problems, the PVC plastic floor to the edge of the problem, the cause of the floor Alice is not necessarily the quality of the problem. There are many reasons for Alice, partly because of poor quality. Poor PVC plastic flooring structural stability is poor, in the cold and heat when the time is easy to shrink or expansion, it may be prone to Alice situation.
Second, the construction of accessories may also lead to floor Alice. PVC plastic flooring pavement commonly used latex, double-sided adhesive, etc., the quality of these accessories can also cause Alice. Good quality can make the floor and the ground paste solid, waterproof is also strong. And poor quality glue is easy to cause the floor paste is not strong, easy Alice. As well as the construction of the quality of the process can not be ignored, professional construction workers in the construction before the construction environment and ground conditions are good, pavement also professional due diligence. But not professional construction, do not consider the ambient temperature and ground foundation, such as the ground is not smooth, there are gravel, water stains, etc., will cause the floor Alice. Another important reason is that improper use, do not pay attention to PVC Sports Flooring daily maintenance and maintenance, long time by water soaking, PVC Sports Flooring maintenance and maintenance will cause the floor Alice. Zong is described in the small series to share with you.
PVC Sports Flooring in the market is very popular, PVC Sports Flooring manufacturers are dazzling, it is doomed PVC flooring floor of the high drop, then determine the PVC Sports Flooring price difference is what? How to determine the quality of PVC Sports Flooring. Pvc sports brand value of its own impact on the price difference, in the basic is now the era of the Internet, and search the brand can view its brand size. PVC Sports Flooring raw materials, different materials lead to different prices of PVC Sports Flooring is different, the movement of the floor is PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, no formaldehyde, green, non-toxic harmless and ordinary raw materials Very big. So the price of PVC flooring determines the level. Technical process, PVC Sports Flooring is not just ordinary ground material, it is equivalent to the ground decoration of the crafts, a good PVC flooring must be industrial production and art design concerted product. From the visual point of view, the more refined the color, embossed the more beautiful, feel more comfortable, foot feel the better the price will be higher, but from the production process point of view, hot pressing process and bonding process determines the environmental performance of the floor, The same also determines the price of PVC Sports Flooring.
Some PVC Sports Flooring may be produced when the control is not strictly lead to PVC Sports Flooring size change rate is too large. By thermal expansion and contraction effect. There is the time when the construction is not timely lead to glue missed the best time to open the loss of cohesive force, the main problem after the sheet flooring is Alice, of course, and objective factors have a certain relationship, I was in Last year in December when the trip to Qinhuangdao Qinhuangdao met such a site, when the owners chose is 457mm * 457mm * 2mm sheet flooring, after laying a few days after a lot of Alice, very ugly and difficult to repair, By understanding the local temperature was already reached minus 20 degrees, and windows and doors are not installed. One to see this bad weather, suddenly speechless, so the construction must let the indoor temperature of 15 degrees Celsius -20 degrees Celsius.