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PVC Sports Floor By A Lot Of Sports Venues Of All Ages.

May 27, 2017

PVC Sports Flooring PVC sports floor by a lot of sports venues of the traditional traditional wood sports floor difficult to care, high cost, manufacturing and pavement is more complex, improper maintenance more corrosive and moldy occur. The PVC sports floor, regardless of cleaning, cost, manufacturing, laying process is far better than solid wood flooring, PVC sports flooring will lead the sports floor industry to a new era

  PVC sports floor maintenance is relatively simple, some special dirt can be used soft detergent or warm water immediately cleaned, never use a lot of water to clean the floor. PVC sports flooring because there is no need to glue glue, do not need the same as the solid wood flooring to increase the anti-corrosion, mothy chemical drugs, so formaldehyde content is zero, and also has non-toxic products, no radiation, water, wear, Fire retardant, waterproof moisture, antibacterial and other characteristics, by the people like.

  PVC sports flooring is cheaper than solid wood flooring, lower production costs, resulting in relatively low prices than solid wood flooring. The price is more towards civilians. And the style and more. PVC sports floor both good performance, without losing the perception, by many sports venues of all ages. So the production of PVC flooring, environmental protection industry for a component.

  PVC sports floor we are actually very common, but perhaps you have not noticed. It is widely used in electronics, chips, integrated circuits and other manufacturing areas.

  Integrated circuit and chip line width of 0.1 microns, if these goods due to the electrostatic will be dozens or even a few microns of dust with the adsorption effect, a few microns of dust particles adsorbed on the chip, you can form a few Ten core lines between the insulation strength dropped significantly, and then the formation of short circuit is the chip damage.

  In addition, Anhui PVC flooring in many scientific research units, laboratories have also applied, because the body with a lot of static electricity, when the human body in contact with integrated circuits, chips, high precision instruments, etc. when the body's static electricity due to speed discharge A large potential difference and then the occurrence of fatal damage, the instrument is running abnormal.

  PVC Sports Flooring Finally, the computer room also have the application of PVC sports flooring, especially the server room, the server is a long time without interruption, so the protection should be in place, if the electricity caused by the normal operation of the service that loss is great.