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PVC Floor Wear-resistant Grade

Nov 03, 2017

PVC flooring is made of PVC material production floor, is very popular in the world. From the beginning of 80s to enter the China market, it has been widely accepted in the domestic large and medium-sized city, is widely used, such as families, hospitals, schools, factories, office buildings, public places, supermarkets, commercial, and other places.


Light body material products PVC floor as now popular, a multilayer structure is generally composed of 4~5 layer structure of laminations, general wear layer (including UV), printing film, glass fiber layer, elastic foam layer, base etc.. Super wear resistance, impact resistance, non deformation, reusable, and the service life is generally 20-30 years. Because of the super wear resistance, so in the larger flow of hospitals, office buildings, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, transportation and other places, PVC flooring is becoming more and more popular.


When it comes to the PVC floor wear-resisting layer, the most frequently mentioned words is the PVC floor wear-resisting level. The wear resistance of wear-resistant layer is a very important performance index of PVC floor. Many buyers require the floor to be T or P, which is divided according to the wear resistance of the wear-resistant layer.

PVC flooring industry was first developed in Europe, the wear grade is a standard developed in Europe, divided into T class, P class, M class, F class. Turn from high in the end, T level is the highest level of wear resistance, F level is the lowest level.