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PVC Commercial Flooring Precautions

Jun 22, 2017

PVC Commercial Flooring precautions
A lot of people for our sports floor manufacturers, Shijiazhuang, indoor, and so have some understanding, but also for everyone to introduce PVC commercial flooring, and today Xiaobian will introduce you "PVC commercial flooring application of a wide range of badminton flooring precautions" , Hope to help to everyone.
 PVC commercial floor is now the Olympic Games and other international venues to develop the use of sports floor, then why PVC commercial floor applications so extensive?

Because the advantages of PVC commercial flooring are very suitable for sports venues, he is made of polyvinyl chloride material designed specifically for sports venues, including plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, etc., the structure of multi-layer laminated, for example Wear-resistant layer, elastic foam layer, and his wear resistance and flexibility have given athletes the benefits, one can reduce the athletes fall, but the flexibility to make the athletes fall to be able to reduce the damage. PVC commercial flooring other advantages are: environmental performance, non-toxic and tasteless, waterproof anti-skid, etc .; pavement is relatively simple, free from the size of the restrictions on the movement, PVC commercial flooring applications are also more convenient to move; easy.
The following is a very popular application in a variety of sports venues, health clubs, school staff activities room and other places. You can see a lot of badminton flooring manufacturers.It is enough to show that there is a lot of nowadays to lay out badminton flooring, and there is a tendency to gradually replace the traditional badminton flooring.PVC commercial flooring has many advantages, But also have their use of the precautions, maintenance will be able to extend the life of the floor, and vice versa is easy to cause damage to the floor.Forbidden to wear spikes, soccer shoes into the feathers board feather badminton sports floor of the ball to play the ball, Flooring and football floor, basketball floor structure is different, it is strictly prohibited in the badminton field engaged in football, basketball and other damage to the floor of the movement; is strictly prohibited oil and food, chewing gum and other difficult to clean or damage to the floor of the chemical pigments into the playground in the ground; prohibited the burning cigarette butts thrown on the floor; when you want to clean water on the floor, on a regular basis to prevent the slide badminton floor cleaning, waxing maintenance work; Note the use of special double-sided tape to fix the construction, prevent movement of the floor, resulting in movement Hurt. Badminton floor construction to find us