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PVC Commercial Flooring Popularity Blocked Home Improvement Market Slow Progress

Oct 20, 2017

PVC Commercial Flooring popularity blocked home improvement market slow progress
Due to the unique advantages of PVC Commercial Flooring and the huge development prospects, many domestic enterprises have also begun to get involved in PVC Commercial Flooring industry, after the introduction of equipment, technology and then absorb digestion and innovation, in general, plastic coil production technology is not perfect, The In the market sales of PVC Commercial Flooring, especially around the building materials and other cities gathered a lot of small manufacturers, they compete for the main low-end market, in order to meet the consumer price is very low, the quality of nature can not be guaranteed. And therefore resulted in poor quality PVC Commercial Flooring flooding the market phenomenon, people naturally PVC commercial floor will be misunderstood. In order to protect the interests of consumers, it is recommended that you still use well-known brands of products, China has a valley called "cheap no good goods, good goods is not cheap", or very reasonable.
PVC Commercial Flooring in the country is currently mainly used in the project, a lot of manufacturers only focus on major projects, lack of attention to home improvement, which is PVC business floor industry personnel need to improve. Manufacturers in the promotion of home improvement because of a variety of reasons encountered resistance, not to the next effort to promote, and naturally can not promote the popularity of PVC Commercial Flooring in China. The concept of the people is still relatively conservative, many products are popular in foreign countries for a long time before they will be accepted and recognized. The development of any new thing will have a accepted and recognized process. Coupled with the excessive pursuit of natural nature, the pursuit of high-grade, mistakenly believe that only the wood floor is green harmless to the human body, mistakenly believe that only the marble floor is a high-grade, the concept of people's decoration is really to be changed, People can correctly understand the advantages of PVC Commercial Flooring, will be more recognized PVC Commercial Flooring. PVC Commercial Flooring as a substitute for wood flooring and marble flooring This trend is unstoppable.
In the decoration process, many decoration companies have also talked about a problem, said PVC commercial floor construction technology do not understand, lack of professional construction workers, it should be said that this is a reason for the popularity of it. In fact, PVC commercial floor construction is not so difficult to imagine, technical staff through a simple training or can quickly grasp the construction technology. Here to remind everyone, in the choice of PVC commercial floor manufacturers do not only concerned about the quality of the floor, the construction of the same quality is very important, because if the construction of the law to ensure the quality of the same will affect the life of the floor. Suggest that you use brand-name products, first-class quality, after-sales service is also guaranteed.
PVC Commercial Flooring in the color has its own advantages, in the color is relatively simple, but not simply humble, through the changes in light and shadow to PVC commercial floor texture display. The floor is the stage of the whole home design, the floor in the home life accounted for the largest area, so the color of the floor has become the entire home design background and foundation. In addition, the floor design to pay attention to the tone, the tone is the color of the mix, but also consider the color purity and brightness. In addition, in the floor design, but also value the material of the floor. The material of the floor and the material of the furniture, and the material of the wall to be a good combination, so as to give a sense of change, there is a sense of hierarchy. For the increase in the overall beauty of the role of home is essential. So, choose PVC business floor in the end what should pay attention to the place?
First, pay attention to the overall harmony, local comparison of the overall style of home decoration and the concept is to determine the primary factor in the color of the floor. Deep color of the floor of the appeal and expressive force is very strong, distinctive personality characteristics, light color floor style simple, fresh and elegant. In recent years, some seemingly flawed wooden flooring, such as tree section, insect eyes, decay, crack texture of the floor demand is rising, is that people attach importance to nature, back to the concept of reflection.
Second, second, pay attention to the floor and furniture with. The color of the ground to set off the color of the furniture and calm and soft as the main tone, because the floor decoration is a permanent decoration, under normal circumstances, will not often change, so to choose a more neutral color. From the hue, light-colored furniture can be any combination with the depth of the color of the floor, but dark furniture and dark PVC Commercial Flooring with the extra care should be careful to avoid "black Mongolia" depressed scene.