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PVC Commercial Flooring For The Healthy Environmental Protection First Army

Jul 18, 2017

PVC Commercial Flooring for the healthy environmental protection first army

Although many floor enterprise in the brand promotion proudly claim to be "green" and "addition" product, but actually didn't really do low carbon environmental protection, the so-called "low carbon", "PVC Commercial Flooring environmental protection" is a kind of hype. Although fit with the development of The Times, people's requirements for low carbon environmental life. But this is not in line with the low carbon environmental policy advocated by the state and is not conducive to better meeting the market and consumer demand. Therefore, the whole floor industry needs to set relevant environmental standards, to conduct effective specifications. PVC Commercial Flooring for the healthy environmental protection first army.

People in the industry say: PVC Commercial Flooring in recent years, the country has introduced a series of energy-saving and emissions-reduction policies, and the real estate industry will favor the new, low-carbon and environmentally friendly products on the floor. This choice of real estate industry will be in a certain extent, to speed up the energy saving, environmental protection of the speed of floor materials exit the market, and promote the industry to develop low carbon environmental protection way, creating a large number of the birth of the new floor enterprise low carbon, environmental protection, the entire floor industry will usher in a new era.

The environmental protection of the floor, first appears on the floor base material. Whether out of consideration for health or environmental concerns, consumers are increasingly turning to floor products made from environmentally friendly panels. At present, the plate of the market and the board of the board are all up to environmental standards, which is difficult to meet consumers' demand. This requires a systematic standard of regulation to urge the healthy development of low-carbon and environmentally friendly roads in the floor industry.

From the current market, as the industry that is closely linked with the environment, floor and other home building materials industry inevitably will become the "low-carbon environmental protection" pioneer. The concept of "low carbon environmental protection" in the process of the development of household in China occupy the position more and more high, the floor enterprise should keep pace with The Times, always pay close attention to market changes in the process of development, the products hot and consumer market, adjust the marketing strategy, for their healthy development.

Now, the floor formaldehyde problem attracting the attention of more and more consumers, green environmental protection for PVC Commercial Flooring industry has become a very important subject, PVC Commercial Flooring products, environmental problem for many consumers to worry about. What kind of material is chosen to move the floor more environmentally friendly? PVC Commercial Flooring has long been easy to maintain.

PVC Commercial Flooring is mainly composed of PVC material, PVC Commercial Flooring can be made into two kinds, one is homogenous, it is the pattern material from bottom to surface is same. There is also a compound type, namely the top layer is pure PVC transparent layer, below add the printing layer and the foaming layer, PVC Commercial Flooring is composed mainly compound type. PVC Commercial Flooring is widely used in sports grounds because of its rich color and color.

PVC Commercial Flooring because they don't need glue, also do not need to like wood floor add anticorrosive, moth-proofing chemical drugs, so the formaldehyde content is zero, and also has the product non-toxic, no radiation, characteristics of recycled. Compared with the ordinary wood floor, not only has the advantage in environmental protection. PVC Commercial Flooring costs only about a third of ordinary wooden floor, and more water resistant, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, fire retardant, waterproof, antibacterial, and seamless welding, environmental protection and renewable, it has strong shock resistance and longer service life and so on. Green environmental protection is already deeply popular, consumer should choose the PVC Commercial Flooring that compares common brand on market.