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On The Characteristics Of PVC Commercial Flooring

Jul 07, 2017

On the characteristics of PVC Commercial Flooring

With large national economy structure adjustment, the state vigorously advocated PVC Commercial Flooringing and support the development of high-tech enterprises, the production enterprise to the requirement of building ground are also increase, because these places traffic and traffic (forklift and van), floor especially serious wear and tear, so need to build a high density super durable, easy to clean, penetration resistance, resistance to corrosion and environmental protection non-toxic, beautiful and clean the ground of the system, to deal with these surface damage problem.

After more than 20 years of foreign investment in China, many industrial plants in the early stage of investment have been damaged and reformed. In order to minimize the impact on normal production and operation, many customers require that the construction, transformation/maintenance be completed quickly in the case of quality assurance. Now, coastal economic developed area has a certain scale, capital construction enterprises face the industry upgrading, the traditional mechanical processing industry is being replaced by new and high technology enterprise, so the market urgently need a can fully satisfy the current situation of new industrial ground material.

The characteristics of PVC Commercial Flooring

1, polymeric PVC Commercial Flooringing for the finished product installation (coil, the liquid material, the shop is stuck directly, lots can be used), the construction is simple, maintenance is simple, can be in will not affect the normal production of customers workshop and used for installation and maintenance.

2. Green environmental protection: the main raw materials of PVC Commercial Flooring are free of radioactive elements, which are a new type of ground decoration materials.

3. Ultra-light ultrathin: PVC Commercial Flooring is not more than 1.5mm thick, and it weighs only 1-2kg per square meter, which is less than 5% of ordinary ground material. In the high-rise building, there is an incomparable advantage to the building load and space saving. At the same time, there are special advantages in the reconstruction of old buildings.

4, super wear-resistant: in foot traffic hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transport and other places, especially demanding industrial floor, PVC Commercial Flooringing is more and more popular.

Classification there are many kinds of PVC business floor, PVC Commercial Flooringing can be found everywhere in the ordinary course of big small and medium-sized factories, common to most of us are made of stainless steel, the material of PVC Commercial Flooringing durability, and not easy degradation. PVC Commercial Flooringing is mostly adopt stainless steel material, good elastic yes the floor at the time of impact, can very easy to buffer, field edition not very irreparable damage, which may be PVC Commercial Flooringing popular one of the reasons for the UI, it is a topic worth studying.

With the constant change of market factors, many businesses compete for the production of inferior products. PVC Commercial Flooringing undoubtedly has also come under this kind of influence, in the face of inferior floor brings many negative effects, we should be highly enhance identification, to make a real choice in numerous floor and durable floor. All steel floors are made of material and if there is a problem, there will be great loss and harm. Therefore, we must know the difference between inferior PVC Commercial Flooring and quality products.

The difference between inferior PVC Commercial Flooring and quality floor

First from the thickness of the floor, inferior PVC Commercial Flooring has obvious difference than the quality floor. Businesses routinely shortchange raw material in manufacturing inferior floor, which leads to the floor on the thickness of the quality, would be amounted to less than half of the real thing, such as the thickness of the quality of a material is very soft, no strength to speak, in a short period of time will appear all sorts of problems. This is fatal in use, and fracture occurs once the floor is under some pressure. So we have to choose the quality floor.

Second, from the bracket of the floor, the bracket of inferior PVC Commercial Flooring often appears to break or flat collapse phenomenon. This is not comparable to the quality floor in texture. From cover, the cover on the shoddy, achieving anti-static standard can only be wishful thinking, and in general, poor abrasion resistance, short time pattern will instantly disappear, can appear even the phenomenon of blister shell, until the scrap production technology, can't make any repair.