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Jiangsu Seesun Cooperate With China University Of Geosciences

Oct 12, 2017

In September 28, 2017, the Taihu Hotel, is committed to a better PVC plastic flooring solutions provider Jiangsu Seesun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd, announced with the China University of Geosciences School of polymer reached cooperation, held a grand signing ceremony.


Guests attended the leadership of the Wuxi science and Technology Bureau, the leadership of China, the leadership of the geological university, the group leadership and the leadership of the group brothers. Wuxi science and Technology Bureau Wang Hao, China University of Geosciences school XIA FAN President of Jiangsu Seesun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd, PAN GAO. Jiangsu Tianlan new materials building materials Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Haijiang have speech.

In recent years, innovation, environmental protection, science and technology, security as a mainstream trend of social development, has become an important national strategic development plan, and in 2016, CCTV financial reports, the future will become the development trend of resilient floor floor of new materials. In order to conform to the social development trend and conform to the development prospect of the industry, science and technology become the strategic direction of the enterprise in the future.


China University of Geosciences is a People's Republic of China directly under the Ministry of education, Ministry of land and resources to build a so earth system science as the main body, the application of science, science, and national key university of coordinated development of new interdisciplinary. It will focus on the construction of the national "211 Project" and "985 project advantage discipline innovation platform".

The future, Seesun will use science and technology and innovative products, will use the artisan spirit and social responsibility, down-to-earth, and strive to become the industry leader, a respected supplier of elastic floor. With this "Chinese Earth Science highest institution of China University of Geosciences" plain and pragmatic "motto agree without prior without previous consultation.

Department of the national "211 Project" and "Project 985 advantage subject innovation platform" key construction, the national "double top" world first-class discipline construction of Universities

The depth of strategic cooperation, showing full trust and support of China University of Geosciences Seesun company, believe that with sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win concept, will create new miracles and the future!

Seesun will seize the opportunity, and constantly improve the technological innovation strength, only to become a resilient floor field, leading enterprise with global influence. We would like to adhere to innovation, never give up, for China elastic material enterprise is famous in the world and make unremitting efforts!