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Innovative PVC Flooring Construction Conditions And Measures

Dec 28, 2016

If in winter on have Ka PVC floor construction must has about several conditions: low temperature period to special note do prevent occurred construction bad of measures, reasons following:

(1). ground wet, dry of not full;

(2). ground temperature lower, ground decorative material and ground hard full to stick post;

(3). even is PVC floor construction yihou also will for night temperature or other temperature easy formed hardening, and softening.

(4). effects of temperature and curing of the adhesive a slow, rolling repeatedly to prevent stripping roller must be utilized.

To prevent the above unfavourable conditions of perfect construction, should take the following measures:

(1). First, measure the surface temperature of PVC floor construction site, if less than 10, no construction, (2). Construction before and after 12 hours, take the necessary measures to keep indoor temperatures up to above 10 ℃

(3). Cement strength can be significantly reduced after construction, so to verify the adequacy of hardness

(4). If construction on the cement floor, one must examine the ground full (requires moisture content of less than 4.5%).