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How To Identify A Good Fitness Floor

May 27, 2017

Fitness Flooring How to identify good fitness floor? In the course of the decoration of the gymnasium, how to choose the wooden floor is a headache problem, the following talk about several ways to pick wood flooring.

  First, the selection of fitness flooring is best to the big brands of regular manufacturers, because the supply of adequate, reliable quality.

  Second, some people think that the wider the better the wood floor, in fact, is not the case, the general increase in the probability of the greater the deformation of the wood floor.

  Third, the wood texture of sports wood floor is also very important, generally selected to straight wood-based, try to reduce the pattern. Because the pattern of wood flooring and ruled deformation coefficient is not the same, then there will be some impact. But the chaos of solid wood will also be more natural feeling.

  Fourth, the hardness of the selection is also very important, when the selection can be used to draw your hand, if the mark on the deep description of the quality is not high, so to choose a relatively hard wood. General fitness floor is hardwood!

  Sixth, the color of the fitness floor is unavoidable, the color of the floor laying in the hidden place, the color of the place where the shop in a clear place, so the effect is very good.

  In the face of the market there are many brands of sports wood flooring products, in fact, consumers do not have to dazzle, as long as the quality, color, environmental performance, and after-sales service and other aspects of the start, you can choose to meet their own needs floor.

  1, wear speed

  This is an important measure of fitness floor quality. Objectively speaking, the higher the number of wear and tear, the longer the floor should be used, but the level of wear resistance is not the only standard for measuring the useful life of the floor. Under normal circumstances, the fitness floor of the number of wear and tear determines the athlete's fall rate.

  2, after the expansion of water absorption

  This indicator can be regarded as qualified within 3%, otherwise, the floor in the face of moisture, or in the relatively high humidity, the surrounding seal is not strict circumstances, there will be deformation, affecting the normal use.

  3, formaldehyde content

  This is a key indicator of whether the product we choose is harmful to the body, but it is easily overlooked by the consumer. Sawson floor is more important to this, because it is seriously related to the health of athletes. National standard E1 level above the product is not harmful to human health.

  4, the floor thickness

  The choice should be thicker thick as well. The thicker the thickness, the longer the service life, but at the same time to consider the actual needs of the stadium. Assemble the effect can take two pieces of the floor of the assembly, look after the assembly is neat, tight. Floor weight The weight of the floor depends primarily on the density of the substrate. Substrate determines the stability of the floor, as well as impact resistance and other indicators, so the better the substrate, the higher the density, the heavier the floor.

  5, formal certificate and inspection report

  Consumers in the choice of fitness floor, we must find out whether the relevant certificate and quality inspection report. Relevant certificates generally include floor certificate of origin, ISO9001 international quality certification, ISO14001 international environmental certification, and other related quality certificate.

  6, environmental performance

  Fitness Flooring Consumers generally concerned about the problem is the environmental performance of the floor. When choosing the floor, the first consideration should be the environmental protection of the product, followed by the other performance of the product, and the price. Welcome to the floor to remind you, you can check whether the relevant environmental certification to confirm whether the floor is environmentally friendly products.