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How To Correctly Buy PVC Sports Flooring

Jun 30, 2017

How to correctly buy PVC Sports Flooring
 Currently on the market a lot of PVC Sports Flooringing, the brand is also a lot, especially the domestic brand market can be said that flooding. Types are: pvc composite flooring (also divided into foam and composite), pvc homogeneous heart through the floor, stone floor, linen flooring, rubber flooring and so on. So many kinds of PVC Sports Flooring how to choose the right?
According to the needs of choice, the demand is based on the use of places, for example, the use of hospitals, we must choose a relatively strong wear resistance, environmental protection, antibacterial, long life, anti-fouling and so on. This place to choose the same quality through the heart of PVC Sports Flooringing more suitable; kindergarten use, we must choose a more flexible and flexible pvc composite floor, and foam type, because this floor is flexible, colorful, can prevent Children fall and knock can also do a variety of beautiful and active shape, so more suitable for the use of children; office use, you can choose pvc composite floor or stone floor, pvc composite floor selection of dense, office traffic Not very large, but the desk and office chairs are more, pvc composite floor compact or stone floor to meet this requirement, compression, do not worry about the desk or office chair crushed. Of course, this place can also use homogeneous heart through the floor. From the cost of homogeneous heart through the floor to be higher, if the same low-end products with the same price, you can buy pvc composite flooring high-end products, and this price pvc composite floor, than the transparent floor long life Many, but also the annual maintenance costs. Therefore, we think about pvc compound or stone floor flooring product when we consider office use from cost.
    According to the brand selection, the actual PVC Sports Flooringing industry brand of things than the brand name is not much higher, the brand floor from the service, to the after-sale are guaranteed, if the price is not bad or choose the brand more assured. With you to buy a mobile phone is a reason, the brand from the quality, to the sale are guaranteed, if the no-name, sales go out regardless. Many people have such experience.
Office decoration, is the company's image of a business card. For the customer, the office decoration effect determines its first impression of the company, we all know that the first impression for the customer's choice has a pivotal role, so now many companies attach great importance to the office decoration. At the same time the office as a place where people work, need is a good office environment. And generous decent decoration style, quiet and comfortable office environment, people will be more into the work. So the choice of office floor decoration materials is very important. Feet comfortable, non-slip, decent generous color patterns, beautiful patterns give the impression that the strength of the enterprise.
  At the same time the ground occupies one quarter of the office square space, and is the most frequent and most accessible part, so it is very important that the office floor is comfortable. Large dragon PVC Sports Flooring, soft and flexible, comfortable foot feeling, not only can solve the high heels and the ground issued by the disturbing voice, more isolated 15-22 dB noise, create a quiet and comfortable working environment, improve work efficiency and Customer experience.
       Some people may not yet know what flooring flooring material is flooring. PVC flooring floor of the raw material is polyvinyl chloride, non-toxic, formaldehyde-free. Features, durable, wear-resistant, non-slip, sound-absorbing, waterproof, decorative effect, fire retardant, cost-effective and so on.