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How PVC Sports Flooring To Determine The Quality Of Good Or Bad

Jun 22, 2017

How PVC Sports Flooring to determine the quality of good or bad
You "PVC Sports Flooring better than how to judge the quality of good or bad" to understand? Today, PVC Sports Flooring manufacturers to give you the introduction of this content, I hope you through the introduction of this article, you can judge how good quality and other aspects of the content of a certain understanding and understanding, the following look at the relevant introduction It:
Today on PVC Sports Flooring and wood floor comparison to do a simple analysis. 1. PVC Sports Flooring more widely used: the international competition, including basketball, including all the ball the best choice for sports venues, internationally recognized badminton, table tennis, volleyball, handball and other sports venues are generally used PVC Sports Flooring. Compared with solid wood flooring, with better safety, shock absorption and rebound performance. While the use of solid wood flooring is relatively narrow range. In addition, PVC Sports Flooringing easy to install, which can move the sports floor. Solid wood sports floor installation is more complex, can not meet the needs of customers to do mobile sites. 2. PVC Sports Flooring sports performance is more superior: PVC Sports Flooringing and solid wood flooring compared to the more excellent sports performance, mainly in the following areas: a. Comfort In general, the comfort of sports flooring from high to high Low order: PVC plastic sports floor - acrylic (polyurethane) sports ground - rubber flooring - solid wood sports floor. B. Tremor - point tremor and regional tremor. Regional tremor refers to the deformation of the floor by the impact of the range, the greater the scope of the tremor is more likely to cause fractures, solid wood flooring tremor is a typical regional tremor. PVC Sports Flooring due to the use of closed honeycomb structure, the tremor range is small, belonging to the point of tremor, the maximum protection of the athlete's body. The above is Xiaobian and everyone together to analyze the difference between the PVC Sports Flooring and wood flooring pvc, PVC Sports Flooring better than hope that the fight can help.
 PVC Sports Flooringing in the market is very popular, PVC Sports Flooring manufacturers are dazzling, it is doomed PVC flooring floor of the high drop, then the decision PVC Sports Flooring price difference is what? How to determine the quality of PVC Sports Flooring. Pvc sports brand value of its own impact on the price difference, in the basic is now the era of the network, and search the brand can view its brand size. PVC Sports Flooring raw materials, different materials lead to different prices of PVC Sports Flooring is different, the movement of the floor is PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, no formaldehyde, green, non-toxic harmless and ordinary raw materials Very big. So the price of PVC flooring determines the level. Technical process, PVC Sports Flooring is not just ordinary ground material, it is equivalent to the ground decoration crafts, a good PVC flooring must be industrial production and art design concerted product. From the visual point of view, the more refined the color, the more elegant embossed, feel more comfortable, the better the experience of foot feeling the higher the price, but from the production process point of view, hot pressing process and bonding process determines the environmental performance of the floor, The same also determines the price of PVC Sports Flooring.

The above is about the "PVC Sports Flooring better than how to judge the quality of good or bad", I believe that after reading the introduction of this article, there will be some of their own understanding, after how to judge the quality of good or bad And other issues can be a very good solution. Here, we recommend you learn more about Shijiazhuang, indoor, gym floor and other related information, I hope to help you!