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Homogeneous Flooring Color Of The Floor With How To Match

Jun 30, 2017

Homogeneous Flooring color of the floor with how to match
 In the process of home design and decoration, the choice of uniform color of the floor and the choice of material is very important because the Homogeneous Flooring is the background and foundation of the whole home design. If the first point of the door compared to a painting, home improvement uniform floor and wall color determines the color, the furniture lines and other soft clothing details determine the style.
Collection of science and technology wisdom of the fashion design, large dragon home improvement uniform floor comprehensive product range covers the classic and modern map. Through the paint protection, color deployment and three-dimensional relief technology and many other advanced technology, so that the whole home looks the most unconventional.
If your home is transparent flat layer, concessions old house, sunny full of 90 flat, ancient grain, marble pattern will give you create a peaceful, quiet, elegant living atmosphere.
But if you do not have any artistic cells, a variety of styles is also a little knowledge, or you only intend to buy a house transition a few years after the shot, then you can choose the lazy omnipotent program: with wild color!
Wild color is the next figure this light yellow. Because the space is large, you can choose with a delicate pattern, nude color wood scar, or so stripe splicing color.
When picking the floor, take the palette and compare it with the furniture. Such as a radius of the floor, good quality, in addition to quality, on the other hand to avoid the color goods not version.
There is a more general principle with the principle is: large pieces of furniture, especially with a flat furniture, such as tables, coffee table, side cabinets, etc., this piece of color is best or similar to the ground, or similar to the wall.
 When children's day is approaching every kindergarten busy for the children to organize a variety of activities, and to celebrate the Children's Day program for children to create a happy atmosphere, then inevitably decorated under the space. For the children's activity space, the first is the ground decoration, is also the most important. Children's uniform floor to meet the various requirements of kindergarten. Although children's day approaching children's uniform floor began to hot.
Why do children say that the floor can meet the requirements of kindergarten?
First children uniform floor from the color class to meet the requirements of kindergarten can be divided into solid color, and cartoon. Solid color can be a variety of colors with, so as to be very brilliant and not messy space, so that the space to achieve joy, increase the cheerful atmosphere. Solid color children's floor can be beautiful and quiet effect, like quiet class to choose solid color children's floor. There are many kinds of cartoon patterns, bright stars: the surface of the floor stars and other opening patterns; happy grassland: the surface is a variety of flowers and plants, a variety of colors optional, no splicing modeling, can achieve joy and joy of anger; animal world: The surface of a variety of animal patterns, like the choice of small animals this floor is very good oh