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Gymnasium Flooring Wind The Same Development

Aug 09, 2017

Gymnasium Flooring wind the same development
 Swept the world's environmental Gymnasium Flooring, the current building materials market, the emergence of new environmentally friendly non-toxic surface materials, has been popular in the major supermarkets, hospitals, subways, schools, buses and other places, and now the gym floor manufacturers to talk about the swept the world The advantages.
1, green: the main raw material is PVC, non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, green and safe materials.
2, the special surface of the floor after a special processing has a super wear characteristics.
3, fire retardant characteristics: gym floor fire indicators up to B1 level, B1 level that fire performance is very good, second only to the stone.
4, antibacterial properties: anti-skid Gymnasium Flooring surface through a special antibacterial treatment, the vast majority of bacteria have a strong ability to kill and inhibit the ability of bacteria to reproduce
5, super anti-skid: anti-skid Gymnasium Flooring surface wear layer has a special anti-skid, and compared with ordinary ground materials, Gymnasium Flooring in the case of sticky water footsteps more comfortable, not easy to slide, that The more the more water the astringent.
6, easy maintenance: non-slip Gymnasium Flooring maintenance is very convenient, the ground dirty with a mop can be wiped.
7, the gym floor price is usually 100-200 yuan per square. Different places to use, determine the different price.
 Haze haze, the sky floating in the dust, soot may also be suspended in the mist, how to exercise such a day? Busy work, lack of physical exercise is not very good, how do? All kinds of problems, just a gym can get. Gymnasium scientific and rational to create a sports atmosphere, and then lay the gym professional sports to plastic, indoor sports make us more healthy.
What is the most suitable floor for the gym? There is no doubt that, of course, is environmentally friendly and durable gym professional sports glue. Gymnasium Flooring, 100% environmentally friendly materials production, foot feeling good elasticity, lines and more color, good friction, security, is to create a professional gym on the ground floor of the excellent material.
Gym floor is a special process, with a good shock absorption, dirt and dirt, long life and other characteristics. We all know that if you suddenly stop exercising in strenuous exercise, it is easy to strain your muscles. If the floor of the friction coefficient is not enough, suddenly stop the movement is easy to fall, bring harm to the human body.
Material environmental protection, sound absorption effect is good. Gymnasium professional plastic sound absorption anti-noise performance, the gym more types of sports, distributed in different areas or space, some sports such as yoga need quiet and elegant environment, and aerobics need to feel the music, with the gym to glue no need to worry The dynamic music disturbs the elegance of yoga.
Gymnasium Flooring is widely used in various indoor and outdoor sports occasions, such as Gymnasium Flooring is actually the use of pvc plastic flooring. Like a variety of golf courses are basically using pvc plastic floor or to lay the plastic.
With the accelerated pace of life, work pressure increases, more and more people in the sub-health state, material, energy to meet at the same time, people slowly think of a healthy body more important, spare time, the more To the more people to enter the major hooks to the main hall to temper. People choose a venues of the conditions is the scene and walking comfort, so for the general cover of the floor nursed back to health is very important. That should be where the side of the floor to clean the beauty of it? Gymnasium Flooring manufacturers Xiaobian listed the following points, for reference only.