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Gymnasium Fitness Flooring Renovation Cost Details

Jul 31, 2017

Gymnasium Fitness Flooring renovation cost details
With the continuous improvement of the pursuit of quality of life, the family solid wood flooring access to a lot of attention. Currently on the market mainstream material and Fitness Flooring prices and almost almost the same as the floor, even more than many solid wood, solid wood three products is also low unreasonable phenomenon. This value is underestimated in the near future will be changed, real Fitness Flooring prices are expected to quickly enter the accelerated rise of the channel, return to its due value.
Gymnasium Fitness Flooring is a good choice for home and sports venues, the current urban real estate in China is the average penetration rate of about 25%, medium-sized urban housing is about 10%, China's national income and overall consumption level is steadily increasing, Fitness Flooring products market development space is very broad. Prospective Industry Research Institute released the "real Fitness Flooring industry market analysis report" pointed out that by 2020, the average city real Fitness Flooring penetration rate will reach 30% -35%, small and medium-sized city real Fitness Flooring penetration rate will exceed 15% The
Gymnasium Fitness Flooring renovation and replacement which is more convenient and cost-effective?
  Fitness Flooring for a long time, many owners in considering the replacement of Fitness Flooring will also consider whether the Fitness Flooring renovation. So you can no longer mind to pick the Fitness Flooring. So Fitness Flooring renovation and replacement of a number of new Fitness Flooring, which is more convenient and cost-effective?
  In fact, through the Fitness Flooring renovation required price to calculate the price, Fitness Flooring renovation costs are divided into two main areas.
   The first aspect: labor costs
 Gym in the gym when the renovation of the floor, labor costs accounted for about half of the Fitness Flooring renovation prices. Different refurbished teams are charged different fees. If some of the smaller teams, similar to the private workshop of the same Fitness Flooring renovation team charges are cheap, but for the destruction of the family environment will be very large, get the whole family is full of flying wood and dust, and the effect of renovation Can not be guaranteed. Refurbished master feel good can help you play the flat, if the experience is not enough, feel bad, then after the renovation of the Fitness Flooring or will not flat.
  And please a little professional renovation team, the price will appear relatively high, generally about 50 yuan per square meter, this renovation team is still more professional. Generally through their refurbished real Fitness Flooring will not have a zebra mark, and the whole renovation process, for the indoor environmental damage is relatively small, the dust will not be too much, after the renovation is good, the cleaning will not be too trouble.
  The second aspect: the cost of the paint
  In the gymnasium after the renovation of the floor is painted, in general, the paint used in the paint price also determines the Fitness Flooring renovation price. General oil paint prices will be cheaper, but some heavy metals or formaldehyde content will be relatively high, for the health of the human body is not good. And if the choice of water-based paint, then the price is relatively high, but the heavy metal content and formaldehyde content can be ignored, if we immediately after the refurbishment to stay, or recommend the choice of environmental performance better water-based paint, more on our body Guaranteed.
Gymnasium Fitness Flooring renovation and replacement of Fitness Flooring which is more cost-effective, or depends on the Fitness Flooring of the material, if the Fitness Flooring is more expensive material Fitness Flooring, then you can use the refurbished method to make the Fitness Flooring a new look. If it is some relatively cheap Fitness Flooring, then there is no need to refurbish, and direct replacement will be more appropriate.
Basketball floor
The flooring industry has experienced the past 20 years of development, the market size is still expected to grow, the future market space how? Enterprises in this market should be how to adjust the business strategy? The next five years, where is the industry? Analysis on Future Development Trend of Fitness Flooring Industry.
  From the overall development of China's Fitness Flooring industry, we must first talk about the introduction and development of laminate flooring, because the introduction of the floor and the rapid development (to strengthen the Fitness Flooring to occupy more than 55% of China's flooring market share), so that the industry has been the overall fast Development, especially in the brand building has made considerable progress.