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Environmental Protection Will Become A PVC Sports Flooring Industry A Permanent Topic

Nov 02, 2017

Environmental protection will become a PVC Sports Flooring industry a permanent topic
Environmental concept is the heart of the modern home of the ruler, PVC Sports Flooring enterprises have also developed a low-carbon environmental protection of the road. But how is the balance between environmental and profit making the green strategy more effective? The key is to integrate environmental protection into the product chain.
Subversion of traditional product planning
Lack of landfill capacity, the impact of toxic substances leaking into water resources, more stringent recycling regulations and scrap product recycling programs have forced PVC Sports Flooring companies to reevaluate their product lifecycle and portfolio management strategies. Green-conscious PVC Sports Flooring companies are beginning to develop a "cradle-to-cradle" solution that will design, procure, manufacture and deliver products with less energy and efficiency; and after the PVC Sports Flooring product life cycle , How to convert these products into different products or new products.
In the product concept stage into the "green"
To the concept of the product stage, PVC Sports Flooring enterprises not only to consider how to produce, distribution and processing products, but also consider how the product will affect the PVC Sports Flooring marketing and recruitment strategy, you can pre-market research to understand these situations. The development of eco-friendly products and strategies can help companies become green leaders, attracting like-minded consumers and employees.
Design is also environmentally friendly
In the product design phase, PVC Sports Flooring enterprises can take some "green" measures in advance, which is more efficient than the future improvement. For example, choose green raw materials as much as possible.
Manufacturing links
In the manufacturing sector, PVC Sports Flooring manufacturers can first redeploy the geographical layout of the end-to-end supply chain, so that suppliers, manufacturers and customers closer, reduce fuel consumption and other costs. Second, PVC Sports Flooring companies can comply with the "lean" principle, improve plant efficiency, reduce waste. This measure is relatively simple, such as different processes arranged in the same place, you can reduce the cost of factory production.
Logistics links
Delivery of PVC Sports Flooring products The lower the price, the less common the impact on the environment. Many companies use various methods to reduce logistics costs, such as prior to the need to determine how much distribution of PVC Sports Flooring facilities and their best location; assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of aircraft, trains and motor transport;
Green assessment
Conduct a comprehensive environmental assessment throughout the PVC Sports Flooring product lifecycle and supply chain to identify areas that have adversely affected the environment and seek solutions. Many PVC Sports Flooring companies are regularly tracking their own energy use, fuel and transportation costs, water consumption, and total carbon dioxide emissions.