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Eight Standards Teach You To Judge The Pros And Cons Of PVC Floor

Nov 02, 2017

PVC plastic flooring manufacturers use production equipment and advanced manufacturing technology, the PVC plastic floor with dust, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti slip, abrasion resistance, easy installation, easy maintenance, easy to clean, comfortable, green environmental protection etc.. PVC plastic floor to meet the needs of customers, PVC plastic flooring in the brand industry has been able to develop smoothly. However, when we choose PVC floor, how to judge the pros and cons of the product?

Standard one: see if the plastic floor belongs to the exclusive store sales

There is no authorization, there is no authoritative certificate issued by the state departments of the product certificate and mark of international quality certification and China environment; there is no inspection report (some test report is not real, to see the inspection report of the supervision and inspection or routine checks whether or not the original). If not, may be of low quality plastic flooring.

Standard two: look at the data and Atlas of the plastic floor

Those printing rough, simple content, called "wear-resistant eighteen thousand turn" and other false words is misleading publicity, non-standard manufacturers do.

Standard three: see whether the manufacturer or marketing agencies have the standard retail price

Whether it is a free price product, if this is the case, it can not be a brand plastic flooring.

Standard four: look at the plastic floor surface pattern

The fuzzy texture, the color is not correct, not natural, poor sense of the plastic floor, not easy to fade, anti ultraviolet radiation, the floor is of low quality plastic flooring.

Standard five: see the core material

The plastic flooring with rough core, dark color and easy edge breaking, formaldehyde content exceeds the national excellent product standard, and most of the floor comprehensive indexes are unqualified, which belongs to inferior products.

Standard six: look at the degree of plastic flooring grinding

With sandpaper polished floor surface with proper strength, few, low-quality counterfeit products are white marks, lower than the national resistance requirement.

Standard seven: see stitching effect

Take a package of plastic flooring, three pieces staggered pavement, high and low and triangular seam and the edge of the problem is not obvious, such floors are inferior products.

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