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Choose PVC Sports Flooringing A Few Big Reason

Jul 07, 2017

Choose PVC Sports Flooringing a few big reason

1. If there is an old person or child in the family, choose PVC Sports Flooring. Floor tile slightly accidentally touch water, easy to slip, accidentally will easy to tumble, young people also can live the good, the old man children wounded arms legs kui, floor tile is still more than the hard PVC Sports Flooring!

2, if your living room daylighting is not very good, the light is darker, that still spread PVC Sports Flooring!

Originally the light is more dark, then spread the floor of icy floor tile, the interior appears more sombre. On the contrary, choose neuter colored PVC Sports Flooring not only can enlarge the visual effect of the sitting room, still can show lukewarm feeling in the light of sunshine.

3. If your living room area is about 20 square meters, it is recommended that the living room, bedroom, and study spread the same material. This way, with the eye of visual space, can make the dimensional sense of whole home appear more generous, open!

4, if the home wants to install geothermal, suggest you or spread PVC Sports Flooring! The thermal conductivity and heat dissipation of PVC Sports Flooring are much better than cold floor tiles. What's more, if a few years from now, there is a need for maintenance, the PVC Sports Flooringing can be removed and the floor tiles can only be knocked off and bought again.

If you have enough money, it doesn't matter what you shop. If the budget is not too much, then go to the PVC Sports Flooringing. Many people feel that the floor tile of cheap, in fact, coupled with cement, sand and artificial, not cheaper than PVC Sports Flooring, PVC Sports Flooring price and the high side, not sure to buy the floor tile on the high.

6, if three or five years you visual fatigue, want to focus in other style or class, then the floor tile of dismantling is difficult, if it is a new home, want to secondary use is almost impossible.

Now in the market of various types of plank, believe not adept person sounds all corners, because plank name is a bit too much, too miscellaneous: PVC Sports Flooringing, industrial floor, floor, integration, refers to the board, wood board, veneer, density board, particle board, laminated and 9 mm board, three mile board, gypsum board, etc., estimates that there are a lot of not heard and don't understand.

These are more or less when we in the selection panel will contact, believe that not many people really understand what's difference between so many plates, why so, what purpose and advantages and disadvantages.

Several common types of plates.

1, according to material classification can be divided into: real floor, man-made board two kinds. At present, besides the floor and door fan will use solid floor, the board that we use commonly is man-made board of man-made processing.

2. The artificial board can be divided into: solid plate, splint, fiberboard, decorative panel, fire prevention board and so on.

The variety of floor 1, solid floor

Description: as the name implies, the floor is made of wood made of complete wood. Solid floor is classified according to the actual name of plate material, there is no uniform standard specification.

Features: solid floor solid, natural texture, and most of the field panels have special wood aroma, so the price is also very high.

Purpose: because the price problem, PVC Sports Flooring few chances of field plate is used for furniture and decoration, field plate on the market the most common building materials is real wood floor, followed by high prices of solid wood furniture.

How to choose: look at the surface, high quality wood after drying, lipid, Yang sheng several procedures after the slice, so the surface should not have decaying, dead knots, wormholes, cracks, etc. Weigh the weight, the weight of the sheet weight is more and more compacted, especially the hardwood floor; Quantity thickness, PVC Sports Flooring the thicker the base, the stronger the plate.

Solid wood finger plate.