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Boger Sport Flooring-Build High Quality Table Tennis Hall

Jul 04, 2017

More and more young people are addicted to Table Tennis sport. So how to build a perfect Table Tennis hall?

With the upsurge of the sport, we often can see so many people in some table tennis hall and training center, surprising "national ball" is also constantly into the public life. In fact, to build a satisfied table tennis hall, the key lies in the floor!


First of all, a little knowledge for you. In the international competitions, all the table tennis floors are made of PVC Sports Flooring. Because PVC Sports Flooring has the good flexibility, no need of marking and logo as other sports. The color can not be too shallow or reflective, generally ITTF recommended for the purplish red color.


Boger is the sub-brand of Seesun, closely integrated the "technology" and "security" design concept, which is a multi-functional high-end sports flooring used in a variety of sports venues.

With outstanding and excellent performance to become one of the Rio Olympic floor service supplier, enjoy a number of international qualification certification and Table Tennis Association certification. Quality and service worthy of your trust!


At the same time, we provide personalized customization services. According to user needs, it can be designed to any pattern of personality, top-great and full of artistic floor products.

Using 100% environmental protection materials, never add recycled material, no formaldehyde, no DOP, to create a healthy breathing environment for sporting.

For Table Tennis singles, doubles, team projects and so on, Boger carry on exclusive Knife Coating process, which increase the depth of the bottom line and improve the wear resistance, to extend the use period of flooring.

Boger owns the willow pattern, sand grain pattern, clouds pattern and linen pattern, etc., providing the maximum friction force to help athletes determine the direction of the ball quickly, so that the soles close to the ground constantly and free to pass strong power.


Closed foam buffer layer provide the strong shock protection, reduce the risk of tremor, reduce the ankle knee injury, help to enhance the reaction speed, control and regulation ability of athletes.

Fire resistance rate up to BF1 level, has a good flame retardant effect and durability, put an end to all security risks.

Boger special shading is very strong, the surface of the floor after UV, PUR, TPU treatment process, with a strong stain resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance doubled.

Boger sport flooring as a professional PVC sports floor, in addition to its necessary environmental protection, wear resistance, pressure, high elastic performance, while both lines of new design, favored by the majority of sportsmen and many dealers.

To independent innovation and user experience as a business development momentum

Adhere to the safety, environmental protection, professional principles

Seesun is always providing customers with high quality flexible flooring