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Basic Requirements Of PVC Sports Flooring Installation And Maintenance

Jul 18, 2017

Basic requirements of PVC Sports Flooring installation and maintenance

PVC Sports Flooring is one of the main business of ground material. We offer a variety of options for the plastic floor.

Basic requirements of PVC Sports Flooring installation:

1. The building ground must be kept clean, lasting dry and no crack. Water can't exceed 2.5% at the concrete floor, and the water in the gypsum layer can't exceed 0.5%.

2, the floor must be spread on the ground more than 24 hours, the temperature is not less than 15 ° C.

PVC Sports Flooring installation: mobile installation, fixed installation, welding line installation.

1. Mobile installation: use special adhesive tape to connect the floor seams. No adhesive tape between floor and floor will be easy to move.

2. Fixed installation: it is a partial cementation. Brush 15 centimeters to the ground, and combine them to the edge of the floor.

3. Welding installation: the floor of the groove surface shall be manually or automatically slotted before welding. The slot must be kept clean. Welding temperature not lower than 500 ° C. Can be completely automatic welding equipment or through manual control. Then we take two steps to remove the redundant weld and cool it. First, we use the crescent shovel to remove the uplift. It is then cooled completely and still remains.


PVC Sports Flooring surface has the ability to resist contamination. Surface pollution, clean and easy to scrub. Use a neutral cleaner if the surface is dirty.

Due to the poison of track events fermentation, the nearly two years of schools for the runway outdoor ground material is very seriously, such as strict, many schools have not to use plastic runway, at this point, the timely launch of environmental protection, anti-aging outdoor special PVC Sports Flooring, both can be used to track, can also be used for outdoor stadium, nursery school playground.

Anti-aging outdoor PVC Sports Flooring features:

1. Wear resistant and stable. Outdoor PVC Sports Flooring, thickness of 5mm, 8mm, wear-resistant layer up to 2.8mm, guaranteed its wear resistance. Middle add high strength glass fiber grid cloth to make the product more stable performance, can be over 30 degrees below zero to 100 degrees Celsius temperature changes, the floor won't produce the phenomenon of heat from the cold, along with the change of temperature and product through high-temperature resistant to low temperature processing, resistance to high temperature, high humidity, rain and snow, feng shui, such as weather, won't produce bulge and fracture phenomenon.

Waterproof, shock absorber. PVC Sports Flooring herringbone outdoor waterproof sealing bottom, effective against the outside water erosion, grip on the back of strong ablility, reduce sports to human body damage, rebound damping effect.

3. Anti-skid and anti-aging. The outdoor PVC Sports Flooring has excellent anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging properties, environmental protection, odor free, formaldehyde free, through real testing. The surface texture is clear, the friction coefficient is large, the water is not slippery, the safety protection athlete.

The past due to a lack of uv radiation heat, PVC in the region has not been suitable for outdoor products, but after test, strengthen the structure, the development of the new outdoor sports floor, PVC has more than one school, outdoor stadium runway in use.