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Analysis Of PVC Commercial Flooring Business Brand Building Defects

Oct 11, 2017

Brand PVC commercial Flooring enterprises to long-term development of the main source of strength, but the current development of PVC Commercial Flooring enterprises, PVC Commercial Flooring corporate brand building there are some flaws in the brand under the era of large, PVC Commercial Flooring enterprises also need to attack the brand market. Since then, small and medium-sized PVC Commercial Flooring corporate brand strategy is missing the following major problems.
Product positioning is not allowed
Product positioning is the basis of brand management, brand building success must be based on an accurate positioning. Brand positioning is a systematic project, the early need to use a lot of research to determine.
A PVC commercial Flooring enterprises have encountered problems in the process of brand building, they created the brand has not been recognized by the market, after the diagnosis of the brand, the problem is found because the positioning is not accurate. This PVC Commercial Flooring business is located in the second and third tier cities, but the main line of products, the basic price can only bear in the first-tier cities. As the pricing is too high, low-end consumer groups do not have the ability to buy; due to regional restrictions, high-end consumer groups do not have the desire to buy, so the brand gradually become the enterprise tasteless, looks beautiful, but can not bring profits for the enterprise.
PVC commercial Flooring enterprises in the brand positioning should not be too high, after all, high-end brand promotion costs are often companies can not afford, and high-end brands often need time precipitation and endorsement of origin, a short time difficult to build out.
Missed strategic planning
Enterprise strategy is the development plan of enterprises, is a multi-layer composite PVC Commercial Flooring business market strategy guidance. No strategic planning, will lead to PVC Commercial Flooring enterprises in the process of brand development detours. A good strategy, we must insight into the enterprise target customers and competitors, combined with the actual situation of enterprises, targeted to develop. Although some of the PVC Commercial Flooring enterprises have their own development vision, but because of limited corporate resources, there is no clear strategic guidance, so the development was very blind.
PVC Commercial Flooring business strategy must be pragmatic, should not be too high or the content of empty, do not understand the achievements of the strategy is a few sheets of paper, the real strategy must be able to guide the development of enterprises. Strategy is like a sharpening, knife grinding is not delay the firewood.
Core product is lacking
Many PVC Commercial Flooring companies like to put all the products under a brand, this situation is unfavorable for shaping the brand, the consumer is not buying the brand itself, but to buy a category, and the brand needs to do is Become the representative of this category. To drink, for example, the consumer's purchase process is: thirsty - to buy drinks - from a number of beverage categories to choose - want to drink carbonated drinks - cognition think of Coca-Cola - buy Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola as long as the consumer minds of carbonated drinks on behalf of it. If a brand represents too many products, you can not occupy the minds of consumers, focus resources to build a product brand, so that consumers can remember that the brand is representative of this product. Shaping the brand and no brand operation is different, no brand operation What products can make money to do what products, shaping the brand is to make a product to become profitable products, do not blindly pursue more.
Too much to pursue popularity
PVC commercial Flooring enterprises in the brand building, due to financial constraints, often have an eager attitude, hope that the brand's popularity in a short time to build out, this mentality can understand, but the visibility is not equal to the reputation. Brand in the publicity, the most important thing is the reputation of consumers, and reputation from the consumer to provide high-quality PVC Commercial Flooring products and value services, products and services is the basis of the brand, which is the consumer can Real right to feel, so in the PVC Commercial Flooring brand building process, product development and service upgrades should also be carried out in a timely manner to deal with consumer brand recommendations and dissatisfaction, try to use the consumer's reputation for marketing, so as to be able to To create a brand reputation.