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2017 China Sport Show

Apr 07, 2017

Dear Sir / Madam:

Jiangsu Seesun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd will participate in China Sport Show in May, we sincerely invite you to visit our booth and guidance, our exhibitors information as follows:

The name of the exhibition: China Sport Show

Hall number: E6.2

Booth number: E016

Date of exhibition: 23th-25th May

Exhibitors' Address: No. 168, Yinggang East Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Our company's website: www.seesunfloor.com

Our mission: Let every person get professional protection

Jiangsu Seesun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd originated in 2003. The company has always focused on the "ground technology, security is the first" core concept, the introduction of world-class equipment and technology, the establishment of the first domestic PVC flexible floor testing authority of the laboratory, continue to overcome technology and production difficulties, successfully break foreign brands in the flexible flooring industry of the monopoly, became the first truly based on the domestic flexible flooring industry enterprises.

Since 2006, the enterprise brand operation, has set up a "BENTA", "BOGER", "DISENO" three sub-brand, as Beijing, London, Rio Olympic flexible floor suppliers, can be described as world technology, China Manufacturing, in the flexible flooring industry dominate.